Facebook Beacon – A Business Viral Marketing Paradise

Recently when Facebook released new services on their website, it was obvious that they were seeking to take their social networking site to a new level, a more business oriented one. Amongst the services are the Facebook Pages and Facebook Beacon, which work together to optimize services and publicize actions that occur through Facebook Pages. Each publicized one promotes actions of other Facebook users and businesses that utilize the service to expand their virtual borders.

This simple addition to an existing Facebook Page facilitates automatic responses to the interaction on the page. It is a free service that is offered in addition to the already popular social networking platform. This can be focused to isolate specific demographics to help promote, grow, and expand business online. It is also useful for identifying what other businesses may be interested in your products or services. This notification on a Facebook page as well as the client’s help to expand the applicable target audience by those who have used the services or purchased the said business products. This free addition has the potential to bring in significant revenue and exposure to a businesses as they are able to narrow down the specific demographics interested in what is being offered.

Facebook Beacon allows a given brand or business to have access to the viral distribution potential within the Facebook community. The stories, actions and more of the users activity on your business site is displayed in their personal profile, as well as in theirs and their friends news feed. The publication will behave as a word of mouth promotion, which is the most powerful method of marketing available. The additional benefit is that it may also be seen by friends and other networking individuals that may also be interested in the product or services offered. Thus this will maximize the possible exposure to the many thousands of Facebook’s international community members.

In all consideration for customer friendly interface, Facebook technicians have made the addition of code a simple process. First things first, a business needs to identify what actions specifically they want to be virally transmitted. This could be things as simple as a Facebook member clicking on the Facebook page, or it could be a detailed as what the customer purchased, and when. Once the required information is identified, the next step is to identify this to the Facebook Page, which is code written for you, by your inputting needed information. Typically it is only 3 lines of code to be added to the profile updates, and potentially millions of members will be able to find your site through community penetration.

With such a customer friendly process, adding Beacon, Insights (the service that tracks the penetration and reports on it), as well as other free services, it is a must have for businesses who want to facilitate their online exposure through the extremely fast growing Facebook community. This awesome potential proves the goal of Facebook and its founder to seek a global network of international communication and business promotion. Such a prospect is promising particularly for those who work from home in one fashion or another.